If you are a Node.js developer and you want a boost in your career by being recognised as an expert, there is a good news for you. Node.js Foundation in collaboration with The Linux Foundation have just opened early access registration for its Certification Program.

The exam costs $300 and its fully remote. Good news is you have a one free retake in you fail in the first time. The price also includes some preparation materials access.

  • According to the certification spec, the exam covers the following topics:
  • Unit Testing 5%
  • Diagnostics (Basics, Debugging, Performance) 5%
  • HTTP(S)/TCP 11%
  • Events 9%
  • Child Processes (Basics, no IPC/fork) 7%
  • Buffer and Streams 9%
  • Error Handling 7%
  • File System 7%
  • Control flow (Async tasks, Callbacks) 10%
  • CLI (-E, -R, etc) 3%
  • Package.json 5%
  • JavaScript Prerequisites (Closures, prototypes, var/let/const) 6%
  • Security 5%
  • Module system (Scope) 6%
  • Process/Operating System (no IPC) 5%

Find more information on the exam site or in a Node.js blog post.