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Thailand is indisputably one of the most beautiful countries in the world and definitely the most beautiful that I have been to. Fantastic weather, lots of clean, green spaces and very friendly and welcoming people are basically brightening your life there.

Doesn’t matter if you’re a mountain lover or prefer hanging out over the seaside – you’re all covered. Thailand’s variety of wildlife and landscapes diversity can guarantee having the most adventurous travels and seeing breathtaking views.

Although I’m in love with the whole country and Thai culture, the place that has truly stolen my heart is picturesque town in the north – Chiang Mai.

Coworking spaces

Punspace – Modern, cozy and vibrant space located in the Nimman area. Very friendly environment where you can enjoy reliable WiFi connection, private rooms and meeting spaces and of course hot seats at shared desks. Punspace is available for members only and the price varies from ฿3,899 monthly to ฿27,999 annually for a shared desk membership.

The Brick – Elegant and clean interior located in the Nimmanhaemin Road area (which is in fact one of my favourite regions of Chiang Mai) offering private and shared desks from ฿250 to ฿3,700 for a shared desk and ฿4,900 monthly for a private desk. The space primarily created as a Punspace alternative offers same quality of working culture along with some learning opportunities.

The Brick is backed by Thai Ministry of Science and Technology and Chiang Mai University and it’s more like a innovation incubator, where members can access training and mentoring than typical coworking space, but it’s really great initiative and in my heart I support it very much.

Wide Awake – This is not a a co-working space in the strict understanding of the term, but people, mostly students used to come and work there. Wide Awake is a comfortable and amiable coffee shop with a fresh, modish design, located just behind Punspace in Nimman area. Great coffee, great WiFi, but can be too loud. Come here in the morning and enjoy it less crowded till early afternoon.

Birds nest café – Another coffee shop, but I’ve kept this one as a complete frosting on the cake. It’s absolutely sweet and homelike place and will let you deep dive into your book or laptop while enjoying fresh, homemade, delicious breakfasts, lunches, snacks or coffees. I’ve been having breakfast there almost everyday I spent in Chiang Mai and I can say it’s my favourite place there. Try once and I bet you’ll do it too 🙂

After hours

Chiang Mai is a place where you can’t absolutely get bored and if you’re – just enjoying this place, walking around and enjoying time will give you a very pleasant feeling.

However I compiled a list of things I’ve enjoyed the most being here

Food – Doesn’t matter at which place I’ve eaten – everything was really delicious and beautifully served. Kalare night bazaar was my favourite one (maybe because of the location – I had 5mins walk there from my place and it was run nightly), having a lot of food stands serving multiple, not only Thai dishes. Everything super-tasty and cooked on your eyes.

Elephant Jungle Sanctuary – This place will live in my heart forever. Amazingly breathtaking experience of having the opportunity to interact with elephants. You can feed, touch, talk to and *wash in the river* those beautiful and respectful animals. The mentioned opportunity will change your thinking about elephants forever. You can easily see how clever and inteligent they are. Important thing: when going to see elephants in this place you are sure they’re treated nicely, they got enough food and not being tortured. This is very important, cause a practice of not treating the animals nice is really common and it’s in our gesture cutting it.

Araksa Tea Garden – beautiful and peaceful, very green place, where you can enjoy picking up tea leaves and the procedure of tea-making. Very relaxing, very interesting, really worth going. There’s one important thing – when you decide to go there on your own it’s a good thing to have the taxi ordered by your hotel reception. If you’re unhappy of the price you can go the path I went – I’ve asked the reception lady to write down the address and where I’m going to and then found a red taxi driver happy to help and go with me both ways.

Final thoughts

You know the feeling when leaving a place, you know it isn’t your last goodbye. For me it firstly trigger in Chiang Mai. I had plans of visiting Phuket, so beautiful island, clean sandy beaches and warm sea water – but I actually missed Chiang Mai even before I left it. Not because of the typical digital nomad perks (cost of living, food, community) but actually because of being close with Thai culture and people like nowhere else. So if you’ve been to Thailand, you think you love the country – go to Chiang Mai – it’ll totally melt down your heart.