After 10 years in the Software Development industry I’ve been striving for a non-technical hobby. And however programming is generally speaking “talking to computers in their language”, precise and very strict, it is also a creative work. Now the creative part of me has its own voice and today is the 30th day in which I am taking exactly one picture a day. And here’s what I’ve found.

I have always felt a little jealous for people doing creative art work. By creative I mean photographers, musicians and writers. I mentioned in the beginning that I consider computer programming as creative work, however in the fast pacing IT world software is a subject to change. And when you’re an author of more down-to-earth things – your work will last forever.

What is a 365 Project?

It’s been a long while since I first time read Pawel’s article about his 365 Project. My initial thought was: wow, it’s really cool! I should try it one day!

Then I forgot about the idea while thinking that photography isn’t for me. Though I do not have a professional camera and they’re expensive. What if I buy one and then I’ll find out that it isn’t for me? To be a photographer you need to be extremely sensitive and talented, and it’s obviously good to study arts – not computer science. In the next paragraphs I’ll show you how much wrong I was.

So what exactly the 365 Project is? It’s nothing more than taking one picture a day. Pawel took it even to a higher level – he created a social website called Tookapic, that enables people to start their 365 photography projects by using some gamification mechanisms like badges, weekly themes and contests. But it’s also a fantastic community. Lots of discussion boards with active talks where you can ask questions from photography to basically arranging a meet up in your city to walk and shoot together – or just talk and exchange knowledge. Sounds cool, isn’t it?

So I started

I bought the compact camera – Sony RX100 MK III – and I’m glad now that I didn’t go for an expensive, fancy DSLR camera or a mirrorless one. Because I don’t need one!

Now I know that to make a good picture you just need your imagination, sight of shapes, colours and forms. And a bit o knowledge that you gain only from practical experience – what is exposure, how aperture works, how to properly set ISO or shutter speed. This is not a rocket science – deliberate practice is the key.

Today it’s the 30th day of my 365 project. It’s been an amazing journey so far and I believe it’s gonna be better soon, when spring season brings more opportunities to shoot outside.

In 30 days I made exactly 30 pictures. Some of them are quite good, some slightly less. But the most important thing is – they’re done. So if you’re a photography enthusiast or a person thinking about learning how to shoot pictures – I strongly encourage you to join me on Tookapic today. See you there!