Google I/O, an event run annually by a Mountain View giant, delivers a lot of cool tech news every time. So it happened this year. Apart from the VR stuff and the new Android O there was some exciting news about V8 engine, the one that runs JavaScript in Chrome and server-side in Node.js.

Seth Thompson, Product Manager on the V8 Team in Google, has walked us through very interesting performance optimisations in the latest engine and the modern benchmarks. That’s really awesome but the thing that really got me was the new Chrome¬†and Node.js integration.

Shortly, you can debug your node application using Chrome DevTools as simple as running your Node App with one new flag:

node --inspect your-app.js

After this you just simply need to open DevTools, put breakpoints in the debugger tab, and see the trace! Seth is demoing it in the video below:

I strongly encourage you to watch the full video, it’s not very long. But if you’re lack of time you can just jump straight to 26:17. Enjoy! ?