I have always been thinking of myself like of an multitasking person. Doing multiple things at a time. Doing multiple projects in a single time period. Working and listening to podcasts or audiobooks. No problem. Now I’ve figured out how much I’ve been wrong.

It’s 23:15, I’m sitting in front of my laptop and writing this entry. And it will be short. Not because I don’t have enough story to share, but because I’ve chosen to. I’ve dedicated myself to write it in a specific timeframe and be fully dedicated to it. After that, I’ll be allowed to switch context.

We rarely think who or what we dedicate our time to. And that’s really wrong. Especially in an era where every device we can use or carry on, or even wear – stays connected to the internet. Facebook on our phone, laptop, tablet and even on our watch. We think about it as a natural decision to install social media apps on the devices we are surrounded with.

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Before I’ve started writing this text I came back from a black metal gig I went to see with my friend and I had an amazing time. Experiences matter, things that we can feel, do or share with other people. By sharing I don’t mean social media sharing but sharing the time with that person, be truly dedicated. Experience and allow the person to experience the same.

So, in 2018 what really matters to me is with who I’m spending my time with and if I’m doing something on my own – does it make me happier, help me grow or help people I care about? If not, there’s a time to start delegating tasks and be present with the experiences I love.

I have already made some changes to my lifestyle that will allow me to get more from my life and give more to the people that surround me:

  • Sleep with the phone on the desk. That was the easiest thing to do, but when I wake up and don’t look at my phone for the first 30 minutes of the day, I feel way more productive
  • Dedicate time to Social Media. No more, no less. There’s an amazing app I truly recommend with a really meaningful name: Freedom. I recommend you, go now and check out the app. I’ll wait here.
  • Trying to be more focused on the goals when working on my laptop after office hours
  • Keeping my phone away when I’m working

And you, have you ever thought about the time you’re wasting on doing things you don’t want to?

The only exact reason to stay disconnected is: we only have one life.