With the release 62 Chrome introduced two new features that I feel super-cool about: Insecure Forms warning and Network Quality Indicator.

Insecure Forms warning

Let’s Encrypt and Cloudflare are generally making great job with providing free, easy to install, easy to use SSL solutions for every website owner and having an https in front of an URL has de facto became a standard.

Now Google is making next step towards the safer web and will display an alert when user starts typing on the website that is not SSL secured.

This was announced earlier this year so webmasters have had enough time to prepare their sites.

Network Quality Indicator

Could you imagine that 40% of mobile users in India are still using 2G network?

With the new Network Quality Indicator API you can simply check client’s network performance and this is awesome from the perspective of website speed and optimisation.

> wifi

More new stuff

  • OpenType Variable Fonts
  • Media capture from DOM elements
  • Payment Request API on Chrome for iOS
  • WebVR Origin Trial

See the original news on Google developers blog.


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