How to write Hangouts Chat Bot with Node.js

Chat bots became very popular with a Slack's massive success, then Facebook introduced their Messenger platform with Chat bots. Now Google is doing the same with the most recent release of their Hangouts Chat,...

NestJS: beautifully crafted Node.js framework we’ve all been waiting for

NestJS is a server-side (backend) application framework beautifully crafted to support developers productivity and make their lives happier. Well, it's not only a framework, it's an enabler of entering the world of advanced engineering concepts...

5 things to do before going for the JavaScript interview

Going for an in interview is not always a pleasant thing. It can be stressful and it often is. Taking the right steps in advance allows you to reduce stress and raise your level...

Node.js opens registration for its certification program

If you are a Node.js developer and you want a boost in your career by being recognised as an expert, there is a good news for you. Node.js Foundation in collaboration with The Linux...


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