About me

Who am I?

Hi, I’m Mateusz and I’m a Software Engineer with deep love to JavaScript all the Front-End development things.

I’m now a Front-End Engineer getting my hands on JavaScript to build high quality (yes, quality development is also my thing – testing and all the good stuff :)) Web and Mobile apps, however I wasn’t involved in building client-side apps in the past.

I have a strong background in developing backend services and APIs in PHP and Symfony framework. Also an active PHP community member – PHPersPL.

The purpose of this blog

I found myself extremely satisfied and happier person when I can help others and share knowledge. I’d be really grateful if what drives me, the things I’m really into and the knowledge I share will inspire and help at least 1 person.

And writing a blog is also a good way of structuring our own knowledge and learning progress.

Teaching help us learn

Follow me on Social Media

Apart from writing this blog I try to be active on some Social Media channels: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

If you think I can personally help you with something don’t hesitate to drop me a message on Facebook or Twitter or if you prefer – just send me an e-mail on hello@matwrites.com.