It was a good year. Hoping for the 2018 to be better. I am writing this review to help me check the progress and observe changes in my mindset and view on the outside world.

Career changes

2017 has bring a bit too much changes than I have expected it too, but eventually it has been beneficial and made me stronger.

I have been working in one place since 2015 – where I have joined as a Symfony Developer – and it has made me a proper Fullstack JavaScript Engineer with system thinking, continuous delivery and inside-out approach in mind.

In March I have started working at Inviqa, a company which I have been considering a dream job and the best place for knowledge-hungry developers.

And it really, really was the dream job. And it was mostly about the people and culture. You have a pleasure to work with very clever, extremely professional and always keen on to help you with the things you are struggling with.

And the learning culture. You’ve got access to almost every technical skill that you want to learn and you have the company’s full support on that. Isn’t it amazing? Plus things like: internal mentorship programme, internal conference and finishing work a hour earlier every week to learn something new with your team.

By the end of the year I made another change. It’s too early to say something about it but it feels natural for me. I have started new job in a dedicated front-end team.


First post on this blog has been dated with 4 July 2017.

I have always been a little bit jealous for people who write blogs. So I started myself and so far there is nothing better to document the good things you do.


In the middle of 2017 I have started thinking about changing my eating habits to feel better, maintain healthy weight and eat cleaner.

It worked. With a huge help from Dr Filip who showed me the way our body consumes food and how to maintain good weight without being hungry and eating clean and tasty.

I have lost around 10 kilos without actually thinking about it too much and without excuses. Then workplace and living place changes have made me fall back to the old unhealthy habits and throwing huge amounts of rubbish food into my belly.

❌ Needs to be corrected in 2018.


In December I have started maintainig a home budget and collecting receipts.
I guess it’s too early to review but I like the idea and I can feel that it’s becoming a habit now. So far worked good, with a little overspending, but at least it gives me a clearer picture.


In November I’ve visited Thailand and absolutely fell in love with this country. While it was my first time in Asia I can feel now that it definitely wasn’t the last one.

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Very friendly people, hot weather, fresh and healthy food have it a unforgettable experience.

A lot of good memories, experiences and new tastes. I wish myself more travels like that one. It was definitely the best trip in my life.

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The most important thing about 2018 is that I am turning 30 this year. I can feel the change coming. Health and self-care is the most important thing, doing rather than buying and investing in good experiences. That’s what drives me now.

From the planning perspective I’ve got a few goals set already along with a few fears and unknowns. We’ll see what the future brings.